Labor 2020

Labor 2020 Toolkit

This is the most important election in recent memory.

This is our chance to launch a major labor offensive, our chance to expand working family representation in Congress and strengthen the voice of organized labor throughout New Jersey.
Our candidates are fighting for an economy that works for all of us, not just corporations and the wealthy. They are fighting to make healthcare more affordable and to ensure equal pay for equal work.

Every vote counts. There is strength in numbers, and when we vote and encourage our families to vote, we can make a difference. If you don’t stand up for what you believe in and elect candidates who will work for you, others will — and you may not like the outcome.

Labor Walks

Labor Walks through the Central Labor Councils will be conducted when it is deemed safe for all officers, staff, volunteers, and members and their homes. All best health and safety procedures and social distancing practices will be adhered to at all times.

In 2020, Contactless Labor Walks will be used to conduct an express advocacy campaign to union households. These walks will be targeted literature drops, with no door knocking. These walks will educate swing voters who are very likely to vote on the issues and target persuadable union voters to support endorsed candidates.

Contactless Labor Walk volunteers will be dispatched exclusively with the miniVAN application on their personal phones. Through the use of this technology, the walks are efficient and measurable.

Volunteer Opportunities


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has created a cutting-edge program called CODE-U (Committee on Digital Empowerment — Union) to provide coordinated messaging for affiliates to use on their social media networks. The concept is simple: We provide sample messages for use by affiliates, everyone follows a simple weekly schedule, and together we create a massive online political education echo chamber.

Here’s the schedule for you to send CODE-U Messaging to your members:
Monday — eMail
Tuesday — Text
Wednesday — Website content
Thursday — Tweet
Friday — Facebook

Here are links to packages of CODE-U Messaging on:

New Jersey Primary
Voter Registration
Census 2020
Vote by Mail
Labor Relations
Federal Judges
Labor Laws
NJ AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidates
Social Safety Net
On Main Street
On Workers of Color
On Postal Service Slowdowns
On Attempts to Silence NJ Voters
You Can Register Online to Vote
On Public Education