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Our Endorsed Candidates for National Offices

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Our Endorsed Labor Candidates

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Vince Sera, a proud member of AFSCME 63, for Brigantine mayor
David Turner, a proud brother of AFSCME 63, for Buena Vista Committee
Dolores Witko, a proud sister of AFSCME 1199J, for Closter Council
Rose Morales, a proud sister of AFSCME 2269, for Perth Amboy Council
David Gierek, a proud brother of AFT 3977, for Saddle Brook Council
Helmin Caba, a proud brother of AFT 857, for Perth Amboy Mayor
Keith Kazmark, a proud brother of AFT 2360, for Woodland Park Mayor
Leonard Luciano, a proud brother of AFT 481, for Essex County Freeholder/ Commissioner
Deborah Bridges, a proud sister of APWU 381, for Rahway Board of Education
Dolores Phillips, a proud sister of CWA 1089, for Montvale Council
Robert Apgar, a proud brother of CWA 1036, for Eastampton Council
Michele Liebtag, a proud sister of CWA 1036, for Frenchtown Council
Jay Springer, a proud brother of CWA 1036, for Eastampton Council
Lauren Kremper-DiFilippo, a proud sister of CWA 1038, for Edgewater Park Committee
Kyle Hanson, a proud brother of CWA 1014, for Barrington Council
Laura Spagnola-Vargas, a proud sister of CWA 1032, for Woodland Park Board of Education
Judy Ward, a proud sister of CWA 1000, for Pleasantville Mayor
Allison Friedman, a proud sister of CWA 1037, for Matawan-Aberdeen Board of Education

James Toto, a proud brother of CWA 1078, for Atlantic County Freeholder/ Commissioner
John Kendall, a proud brother of CWA/IUE 103, for Haddon Township Board of Education
Kevin Bucceroni, a proud brother of HFIAW 14, for Black Horse Pike Regional Board of Education
William Sneathen, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for Buena Vista Board of Education
Anthony Zeno, a proud brother of IBEW 456, for Eastampton Council
Jason Jones, a proud brother of IBEW 269, for Mount Holly Committee
Donald Norcross, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for U.S. House in 1st Congressional District
Stephen Gandy, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for Stratford Council
Michael Tolomeo, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for Stratford Council
Steven DiMatteo, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for Pittsgrove Board of Education
Joseph Lukac, a proud brother of IBEW 102, for Manville Council
Charles Hassler, a proud brother of IBEW 94, for Salem County Freeholder/ Commissioner
Kyle Miller, a proud brother of IBEW 351, for Woodbury Council
Lori Brigati, a proud sister of IBEW 1158, for Passaic Valley Regional Board of Education
John Devlin, a proud brother of IBT 331, for Atlantic City Board of Education
Lew Brown, a proud brother of IBT 676, for Mount Holly Committee
Robert Dombrowski, a proud brother of IFPTE 196, for Cedar Grove Council

Joshua Hertzberg, a proud brother of ILA 1804-1, for Sparta Township Council
Michael Martorelli, a proud brother of IUOE 68, for East Hanover Council
Chris Carney, a proud brother of IUOE 825, for Frankford Council
Romaine Graham, a proud sister of IUOE 68, for Essex County Freeholder/ Commissioner
Wayne Richardson, a proud brother of LIUNA 55, for Essex County Freeholder/ Commissioner
Glen Kocsis, a proud brother of SMART/SMW 27, for Neptune City Council
Richard Cheek, a proud brother of UA 322, for Hamilton Township Committee
Charles “Chuddy” Whalen, a proud brother of UA 9, for Hamilton Council
Christopher Hamler, a proud brother of UA 24, for Warren Hills Regional Board of Education
Tom Van Artsdalen, a proud brother of UBC 255, for Dennis Township Committee
Ronald Skirkanish, a proud brother of UBC 254, for Manville Council
Jonathan Young, a proud brother of UBC 255, for Camden County Freeholder/ Commissioner
Matte Kane, a proud brother of UFCW 152, for Corbin City Council
Claire Volpe, a proud sister of UFCW 360, for Maple Shade Council
John Hall, a proud brother of USW 943, for Woodstown Council

Why You Should Vote For...

1st District
Donald Norcross

  • Donald Norcross, a union electrician — the only electrician in Congress — is a South Jersey native with a deep understanding of New Jersey’s working families.
  • Norcross serves on the House Education and Labor Committee, where he believes raising the federal minimum wage from the poverty-level $7.25 an hour is a moral obligation.
  • Norcross credits his skilled apprenticeship and community college education for his success, and he is working to keep education available and affordable.
  • Norcross served in organized labor leadership in New Jersey and fully supports union membership. He voted for the PRO Act.
  • Norcross works tirelessly to support our military as a member of the House Armed Services Committee and chairman of the Tactical Air and Land subcommittee.
  • Norcross ensures there is enough funding for veterans to get the care they earned and deserve at VA facilities.
  • Norcross advocates for New Jersey jobs that a comprehensive infrastructure program will provide. He has brought jobs and funding to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

2nd District
Amy Kennedy

  • Amy Kennedy was born in Atlantic County. She has lived there her entire life and is raising her family there.
  • Kennedy knows firsthand how New Jersey is affected by issues like access to good jobs, climate change, health care, and the mental health and addiction crisis.
  • Kennedy sees how New Jersey was battered by the coronavirus crisis and she will work for aid to hard-working families.
  • Kennedy has over a decade of experience as a New Jersey public school teacher and was a member of teachers union. She fully supports union membership.
  • Kennedy endorses the Workers Bill of Rights and is a strong backer of legislation reforming our laws to make it easier to join a union. She will fight for the PRO Act.
  • Kennedy will be a champion for women, who deserve equal pay for equal work, affordable child care and the right to make their own choices.
  • Kennedy will advocate for a colorblind justice system and an end to systemic racism in America.

3rd District
Andy Kim

  • Andy Kim was raised in South Jersey and attended public schools from K-12. He became a Rhodes Scholar and a national security expert.
  • Kim has 100% pro-labor voting record, supporting NAFTA reforms and increasing the minimum wage to $15.
  • Kim stands with frontline heroes by bringing funds for New Jersey’s hard-hit hospitals and other health centers.
  • Kim stands with senior citizens by lowering the cost of prescription drugs and protecting pensions. He wants Medicare to include vision, dental and hearing coverage.
  • Kim has worked for improvements in the Affordable Care Act and has voted against abolishing it. He will protect people with pre-existing conditions.
  • Kim voted to bring construction funding and other aid to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, and good union jobs with it.
  • Kim is working to improve care for veterans, including expanded VA health facilities and an end to veteran homelessness.
  • Kim will vote for tax cuts for the middle class, where they belong, and vote to overturn tax breaks for corporations and billionaires.

4th District
Chris Smith

  • Chris Smith, a Central Jersey native, has supported the labor movement since he was elected in 1980. A strong supporter of a worker’s right to organize and form a union, Smith has been a prime sponsor of every major organizing bill. He voted for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
  • Smith has the second highest pro-labor voting record in the nation for House Republicans.
  • Smith wrote 47 federal laws on issues ranging from stopping terrorism and preserving America’s security to enhancing benefits and services for veterans and people on the autism spectrum.
  • Smith continues to secure funding for New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure, including rail access to New York.
  • Smith fought against anti-New Jersey tax changes, such as Trump’s federal cap on property tax deductions, which raises taxes on working families.
  • Smith is a champion for public education, which is under extreme pressure from the coronavirus crisis.
  • Smith’s constituent services team is considered among the nation’s best and most effective.

5th District
Josh Gottheimer

  • Josh Gottheimer grew up in North Jersey, attended public schools from K-12, and helped with the family business, among several jobs he held in the private sector.
  • Gottheimer is fighting to restore the state and local taxes (“SALT”) deduction that Trump and his allies eliminated, hurting New Jersey working families.
  • Gottheimer’s first bill in Congress established programs to help veterans get jobs after their service in uniform.
  • Gottheimer advocated for the MCUSA treaty that reforms the anti-worker NAFTA.
  • Gottheimer supports increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour.
  • Gottheimer’s Protecting Your Credit Score Act expands credit fairness and availability for all consumers.
  • Gottheimer works to keep infrastructure funds flowing to New Jersey to fix the state’s roads and bridges and bring good-paying union jobs.
  • Gottheimer opposes privatizing Social Security and Medicare and is working to lower the cost of prescription drugs for everyone.
  • Gottheimer brought funding to New Jersey to buy protective gear for first responders.

6th District

  • Frank Pallone, a Jersey Shore native and resident, attended public schools and earned an academic scholarship to college.
  • Pallone is chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, where he stands with working families by advocating for affordable health care and prescriptions, and for consumer rights and safety.
  • Pallone championed the Affordable Care Act and now leads the fight against the Trump Administration’s efforts to gut it or repeal it.
  • Pallone stands with seniors who depend on Medicare and Social Security.
  • Pallone voted against tax cuts for the rich and continues to fight for middle-class tax fairness.
  • Pallone has a 98% lifetime pro-labor voting record. He brings jobs to New Jersey through investment in infrastructure and renewable energy.
  • Pallone is keeping toxic chemicals like PFAS and asbestos away from families, especially children.
  • Pallone helped pass the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act for first responders at Ground Zero.
  • Pallone defends democracy through legislation to bar voter suppression and restore the Voting Rights Act to full effectiveness.

7th District
Tom Malinowski

  • Tom Malinowski was born in Communist Poland at the height of the Cold War, and came to America — and freedom — when he was 6 years old. He grew up in Central Jersey, where he attended public school.
  • Malinowski voted for the HEROES Act and other financial aid for hard-hit working families during the coronavirus crisis.
  • Malinowski is pressing for a special enrollment period for health insurance during the pandemic.
  • Malinowski has a 100% pro-labor voting record in Congress, and serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which is highly important to New Jersey.
  • Malinowski got more money for the Portal Bridge and Gateway tunnel.
  • Malinowski has been an outspoken advocate for tax fairness for middle-class workers and has worked tirelessly to end the cap on the “SALT” deduction, which hurts property tax payers by limiting their tax deductions.
  • Malinowski restored funding to protect Americans from domestic terrorism, including violent anti-Semitism.
  • Malinowski continues to bolster the supply chain of PPE for frontline heroes.

8th District
Albio Sires

  • Albio Sires and his family came to freedom in North Jersey from Cuba during the Communist revolution there.
  • Sires serves on the House Budget, Foreign Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure committees, all of which have a direct impact on working families.
  • Sires, with a 100% pro-labor voting record in this Congress, worked to reform NAFTA and he continues to press for a $15 minimum wage.
  • Sires is a champion for the Make It In America Agenda, to rebuild the U.S. manufacturing industry and get American men and women back to work.
  • Sires is a member of the Expand Social Security Caucus, which acts to ensure the long-term solvency of Medicare and Social Security.
  • Sires, as an immigrant himself, strongly supports comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Sires advocates for gun safety while preserving Americans’ Second Amendment rights.
  • Sires is co-sponsoring the SHIELD Act, which would make it a serious crime for individuals to share intimate pictures of other people without their consent.

9th District
Bill Pascrell

  • Bill Pascrell has deep roots in North Jersey and a deep love for the working people who built Paterson, the Silk City. He has a 98% lifetime pro-labor voting record.
  • Pascrell serves on the powerful Ways and Means Committee and uses that position to fight for an economy that lifts working families rather than the richest of the rich.
  • Pascrell’s work on Ways and Means protects Social Security and Medicare. He is an original cosponsor of the Social Security 2100 Act. He opposes privatization of Social Security.
  • Pascrell helped write and guide the passage of the Affordable Care Act and he advocates tirelessly for its preservation.
  • Pascrell has delivered federal funding to equip, train and staff first responders, both to combat the coronavirus and for homeland security. This work has protected all faiths’ houses of worship against violence and terrorism.
  • Pascrell is a strong advocate for improvements to New Jersey’s transportation infrastructure and the jobs it brings.
  • Pascrell is a proud military veteran whose work supporting treatment of traumatic brain injuries addresses a key problem for veterans of current wars. Pascrell also has secured more funding for the care of veterans in all age groups.

10th District
Donald Payne Jr.

  • Donald Payne Jr. grew up in North Jersey in a family devoted to public service, and he has a special understanding of the challenges facing working families in New Jersey’s cities.
  • Payne has a 100% pro-labor voting record in this Congress.
  • Payne serves on the Small Business Committee, where one of his key efforts is to expand job training for a high-tech, diverse global economy.
  • Payne serves on the Homeland Security Committee, and his district covers Newark Liberty International Airport, the New Jersey Transit Authority and Port Newark-Elizabeth Marine Terminal. He works to protect the security of all forms of transportation and shipping from terrorism, as well as improve emergency preparedness for natural or man-made disasters.
  • Payne supports and defends the Affordable Care Act, especially now, when the coronavirus is plaguing communities of color at a far higher rate than other groups.
  • Payne is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, whose priorities include universal quality education, colorblind effective health care, affordable and available housing, and a fair immigration system.
  • Payne endorses early childhood education programs, like Head Start.
  • Payne is relentless in his campaign to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

11th District
Mikie Sherrill

  • Mikie Sherrill graduated from the Naval Academy and then from flight school in the first class of women eligible for combat. As a Navy helicopter pilot, she flew missions in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Sherrill opposes “right to work” laws. She embraces unions and voted for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
  • Sherrill wants New Jersey working families to benefit more from the money they pay in federal taxes.
  • Sherrill is working to get tax breaks for middle-class families while opposing tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • Sherrill is working to bring more funding back to New Jersey for infrastructure improvements, especially roads, bridges and railroads, including the Gateway project.
  • Sherrill supports improvements to the American health care system, including a more stable insurance marketplace and coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • Sherrill defends Medicare and Social Security, rejecting plans to cut or privatize either program.
  • Sherrill advocates for lower prescription costs, and believes Medicare should negotiate for savings the way the Veterans Administration does.

12th District
Bonnie Watson Coleman

  • Bonnie Watson Coleman, born, raised and educated in New Jersey, is the first African American woman to represent New Jersey in the House of Representatives.
  • Watson Coleman is a friend to unions, with a 97% lifetime pro-labor voting record. She opposes “right to work” laws that lower wages and she voted for the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act.
  • Watson Coleman is working to change the minimum wage to a living wage.
  • Watson Coleman says the U.S. tax code must stop subsiding the offshoring of American jobs and, instead, incentivize investment in American industries.
  • Watson Coleman sees infrastructure upgrades as a key to the restoration and rebirth of the region’s economy.
  • Watson Coleman endorses the Affordable Care Act and says it should be implemented fully, not slowly dismantled, leaving millions of working families with no coverage at the height of a global pandemic.
  • Watson Coleman defends Social Security and Medicare and opposes any attempts to privatize them.
  • Watson Coleman has dedicated her career of public service to speak up for and work on behalf of women, the poor, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.