They Defended Us. We Must Defend Them


The Union Veterans Council, sponsored by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, is leading the charge to mobilize veterans to build the labor movement and support comrades-in-arms.

Like a military unit, the Union Veterans Council has a mission, a mission to speak out on issues that affect working-class veterans, especially the need for good, well-paying jobs and a VA that has the staff and the money to care for all who put their lives on the line for America. A mission to organize workers in a way that veterans understand best.

The Union Veterans Council also will lobby and educate our elected officials to work for, and on behalf of, veterans in the labor movement, and make sure they live up to their promises with integrity and honor. The Union Veterans Council will press private enterprise for actions, not words.

The Union Veterans Council will make sure that when people call themselves “pro-union” and “pro-veteran,” they say it – and act – from the heart.



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The New Jersey State AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council seeks members who want to honor their sisters and brothers in the labor movement who served their country. Activities are planned throughout the year, and especially on military remembrance days. Contact our Steering Committee Chairman.