New Jersey Resources for Working Men and Women

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has compiled COVID-19 coronavirus-related resources and news updates while our state and nation are under a state of emergency. We know the situation changes daily, even hourly, and the state federation is working directly with New Jersey government and Congress to advocate for union members. We will update often, and ONLY with reliable information.

Union sisters and brothers who serve as health care workers, firefighters, police, airline workers, emergency service workers and other first responders are on the front lines. Other everyday heroes are stocking store shelves, sanitizing every imaginable surface and fabric, caring for the elderly, the sick and disabled, and teaching children remotely. Those in transportation and the building trades are working while taking extra precautions for their health and safety.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO supports their brave work and offers these news items and resources. 

Resources for New Jerseyans

COVID Vaccine in New Jersey

Register for the Vaccine

Shots Will Not Cost You

  •  If you are covered by a private health plan (whether obtained directly through the individual market or through your employer): All group and individual comprehensive health insurance plans must provide coverage for COVID-19 immunization and its administration. During the federal public health emergency, these plans must provide this coverage without cost sharing, regardless of whether the provider is in or out of network. For more information, please contact your insurance provider or visit
  •  If you are covered by Medicare Part B: The vaccine and the administration of that vaccine will be covered without coinsurance or deductible.
  •  If you are covered by a Medicare Advantage Plan: Beneficiary copayment, coinsurance and deductible are waived for COVID-19 vaccine and its administration for calendar years 2020 and 2021.
  •  If you are covered by SHBP or SEHBP: The vaccine and the administration of that vaccine will be covered without coinsurance or deductible for in or out of network providers.
  •  If you are covered by NJ FamilyCare (Medicaid or CHIP): The vaccine and the administration of that vaccine will be covered without copays for in or out of network providers.
  •  If you are uninsured: health care providers that participate in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccination Program must agree to administer a COVID-19 immunization regardless of an individual’s ability to pay or health insurance coverage status, and may not seek reimbursement from the immunization recipient. For information on sites that are providing the vaccine, please visit: This site will be updated as more locations are added.

Union Manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Employer  Lead Contact Email Phone Number State Product
Superior Uniform Group Charles Sheppard   727-481-9175 and 727-803-7107 AR Distribution
Westport Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Diran Paul    BC Face Masks
Canada Goose Barry Fowlie (WU)   Canada Gowns
Bernard Athletic Barry Fowlie (WU)   Canada Gowns and Face Masks
Beker Fashions Barry Fowlie (WU)   Canada Gowns  
Crothal Jaime Brockcamp   CA Washing Linens, Gowns
W Diamond Corp. Ken Ragland 847-635-3900 IL Face Masks
English American Mark Calhoun   410-259-3232 MD Face Masks
Creative Foam Corporation Rick Waterson 810-936-2336 MI Face Shields
Creative Foam Corp. / Composite Systems and Automotive Lori Curtis 810-936-2291 MI Face Shields
Brooks Brothers Jayne Bernardy 860-741-0771 MI  
Standbury Uniform Steve Roberts 660-258-2246 MO Non-Surgical Face Masks
Brooks Brothers Sewing Factory Rick Alexander   617-922-1129 NC Face Masks
Individualized Shirt  Jim Brubaker 908-963-5699 NJ Gowns and Non-Medical Masks
Unionwear Mitch Cahn 973-854-2099 NJ Face Shields
Brooks Brothers        NY Face Masks
M.A.N.E Enterprises Inc. Nick Sacket 845-750-2396 NY Face Masks
Gary Plastics Richard Hellinger 917-226-8270 NY Face Masks
HIckey Freeman Jeffrey Diduch 585-576-8637 NY Gowns and Face Masks
National Bias Fabric Co. Dave Breen 800-321-1079 OH Face Masks
GVS Chris Ream 419-423-9040 OH N95 Masks
Xerox Corp. Alice Schadler 513-539-4815 OH Face Shields
Fanatics Chris Horn 610 813 5163 PA Gowns and Face Masks
Franklin Clothing Jim Brubaker 908-963-5699 PA Face Masks
Gitman Brothers  Jim Brubaker 908-963-5699 PA Gowns and Face Masks
Berkley Medical Joe Siba, VP of Ops 724-564-5013 PA Industrial wipe, including sanitizing wipes (patented product) for commercial food service and Clorox sanitizing wipes
Berkley Surgical Joe Siba, VP of Ops 724-564-5013 PA Surgical Face Masks and Face Shields