The Only Poll that Counts is November 3. Are You In?


Know the Facts!

New Jersey State AFL-CIO endorsed candidates have pro-labor records and will fight for you.

Know the Facts!

Register to vote because your Vote-by-Mail ballot matters. Make sure it counts.


Know the Facts!

Trump is dismantling America’s health care system in the middle of a pandemic!


Know the Facts!

Ballot Questions give you a direct impact on democracy!

Know the Facts!

Trump and his hand-picked education secretary have failed our children! 

Know the Facts!

Election 2020 in NJ is primarily Vote by Mail. Trump’s campaign is suing to silence working families.

Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Trump and his cronies are weaponizing the Postal Service to disenfranchise voters. Fight back! Vote by mail early.

Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Trump’s words and actions show he is distracting and dividing our nation. 


Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Once again Trump and his gang in the Senate are bailing out Wall Street and leaving Main Street behind.  

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Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Did you know that Trump is pulling our social safety net out from under us? Trump says he’ll protect Social Security for everyone, but his budget tells a different story.  

  1. Multiple news sources

Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Did you know that Trump and his allies in the Senate shoot down or stonewall every major pro-labor bill?  

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  3. People’s World

Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

Did you know that the federal judges Trump appointed will be serving for decades after Trump is out of office? They serve for life, and they will shape America for decades to come.

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Know the Facts! Know What’s at Stake in the 2020 Election!

The Trump administration’s National Labor Relations Board is designed to rule against union brothers and sisters and working people in general.

The NLRB is stacked with members who have no experience with labor organizations. They have blocked union elections and backed Trump as he stripped negotiated contracts of benefits and other workplace provisions.

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Facts About Election 2020

What if I believe an election crime or voter fraud has been committed?

Voters who witness voter interference or intimidation should contact the New Jersey Election Hotline at 1-877-NJ-VOTER (1-877-658-6837) or the U.S. Attorney’s Office Election Hotline at 1-888-658-6837.

Dates You Should Know

General Election: Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Voter Registration Deadline has passed
Vote-by-Mail Ballot Deadline: Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, postmarked by 8 p.m.
   Ballots must be received by 8 p.m. Nov. 10.
   Ballots without a postmark that are received by Nov. 5 are valid.
   Voters whose ballot envelopes are missing signatures or have disputed signatures will be contacted for verification.
   Vote-by-Mail Ballots can be tracked.

Vote-by-Mail Ballots:
General Election: All active registered New Jersey voters will receive actual ballots in the mail, to be sent by Oct. 5, 2020.

Who is considered an “inactive” voter?

An inactive voter is a voter whose address has come into question. If a sample ballot is returned as undeliverable or indicates the voter has moved, that voter is put into an “inactive” status and is sent a confirmation notice informing them that they have until the second federal general election after the date of the notice to update their voting record or appear to vote and complete the necessary form or they will be removed from the voting rolls. Inactive voters do not get sample ballots and are not eligible to receive a vote by mail ballot until they are put back into an active status. To update your record to active status, go through the online voter registration portal or use a paper registration form.

How do I receive my Vote-by-Mail ballot?

Every active registered voter will receive a ballot at the address the voter is registered. If you don’t receive your ballot and you are registered, please contact your county clerk’s office to determine the status of your ballot and next steps. If you did not receive your ballot and would like to receive your ballot by mail you must request your ballot by Friday, Oct. 23. Otherwise you must get your Vote-by-Mail ballot in-person from your county clerk’s office. If you pick up a Vote-by-Mail ballot on Election Day, in person, you have until 8 p.m. to return it to the Board of Elections, or your polling place, or deposit it in one of your county’s secure authorized ballot drop boxes.

When is the deadline to apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot by mail?

All active registered voters will automatically receive a Vote-by-Mail ballot. If you haven’t received your ballot, you can check the status online or contact your county clerk’s office. If you haven’t received your ballot, you may apply for a Vote-by-Mail ballot by mail by Friday, Oct. 23, 2020. Thereafter, you must get your Vote-by-Mail ballot in-person from your county clerk’s office. If you pick up a Vote-by-Mail ballot on Election Day, you have until 8 p.m. to return it to the county Board of Elections or your polling place, or deposit it in one of your county’s secure ballot drop boxes.

When will ballots be mailed?

All ballots were mailed to voters no later than Oct. 5, 2020. It may take a few days for voters to receive them.

How do I know if my Vote-by-Mail ballot has been mailed?

If I am voting by mail, when must the county Board of Elections receive my ballot?

Vote-by-Mail ballots that are sent through the Postal Service must be postmarked by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020, and received by the county Board of Elections on or before Nov. 10, 2020. Vote-by-Mail ballots that are placed in the county’s secure ballot drop boxes, delivered in-person to the county Board of Elections, or your designated polling place must be delivered by 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3.

How can I return my ballot?

Return your ballot by mail, bring your completed and sealed ballot in-person to your designated polling place or your county’s Board of Elections office, or place it in a secure ballot drop box located throughout your county.

What is the deadline for election officials to receive a mailed ballot?

Every Vote-by-Mail ballot that is postmarked on or before 8 p.m. Nov. 3, 2020, and that is received by Nov. 10, 2020, at 8 p.m. shall be considered valid and shall be canvassed, assuming the ballot meets all other statutory requirements. Additionally, every ballot without a postmark, and ballots mismarked and confirmed by the post office that those ballots were received by the post office on or before Nov. 3, 2020, that is received by the county Boards of Elections from the United States Postal Service within 48 hours of the closing of polls on Nov. 3, 2020, shall be considered valid and shall be canvassed, assuming the ballot meets all other statutory requirements.

Do I have to put a stamp on my ballot return envelope?

No, all Vote-by-Mail return envelopes have prepaid First-Class postage.

Do Vote-by-Mail ballots require a witness or notary?

No, Vote-by-Mail ballots do not require a witness or notary. They do require the voter’s signature.

Do voters casting a ballot by mail need to include a copy of ID?

Voters do not need to provide a copy of their ID in order to cast a Vote-by-Mail ballot, except for some first-time voters. These voters will receive a notice with their Vote-by-Mail ballot.

What should I do if I make a mistake, damage, or lose my Vote-by-Mail ballot?

  • If you have not already returned your ballot, you may request a replacement Vote-by-Mail ballot from your county clerk’s office.
  • If you make a mistake or damage your ballot, you must return that ballot to your county clerk’s office to receive a replacement.
  • If you lose your ballot and there is not enough time to get a replacement from your county clerk’s office, go to your polling place on Election Day. You will have to vote using a paper provisional ballot.

What is the difference between absentee and Vote-by-Mail ballot in New Jersey?

The term “absentee ballot” was changed in July 2009 and was replaced by the Vote-by-Mail ballot law that allowed a voter to request a ballot by mail for any reason.

Will my other votes be counted if I choose not to vote for a candidate or question?

Yes, if you choose to leave an elected office or public question blank, your other votes will still be counted.

Is my party affiliation listed on the outside return envelope?

No, the 2020 general election return envelope will not indicate party affiliation.

Do I have to vote for the party I am registered with?

No, this is a General Election and you may vote for the candidate(s) of your choice. You may only vote for the number of candidate(s) permitted for the office that you are casting a vote for. Please remember to check the back and any additional pages of your ballot to ensure that you have reviewed all offices up for election and any state, local or school questions that may be on the ballot.

Will my Vote-by-Mail ballot be counted?

Every valid Vote-by-Mail ballot is counted. Be sure to complete and sign the certificate attached to the inner envelope when you return your Vote-by-Mail ballot. Be sure to leave the certificate attached to the inner envelope. Do not put it inside the inner envelope.

When does the county Board of Elections begin counting ballots?

Ballots are processed as soon as they arrive at the Boards of Elections. The Boards of Elections may start counting ballots 10 days before the election. The counting of ballots will continue until after the deadline for receipt of timely mailed postmarked mail-in ballots, on Nov. 10 at 8 p.m.

What is a ballot drop box?

A ballot drop box is a secure, locked structure operated by election officials where voters may deliver their ballots from the time they receive them in the mail up to the time polls close on at 8 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 3. There will be at least 10 ballot drop boxes located throughout each county, which will be available 24 hours a day. Ballot drop boxes will be under surveillance by security cameras and ballots are collected daily by county election officials.

Where are the ballot drop boxes?

A full statewide list, with Google maps attached, is here.

How many ballots may I deliver to the Board of Elections or put in a drop box?

A person who transports a completed Vote-by-Mail ballot for someone else is considered a “Bearer.” Bearers are limited to three ballots per election. Any Bearer ballots that exceed the limit of three must be rejected. The Bearer must sign the “bearer portion” of the outer envelope of the ballot in the presence of the voter when taking custody of the ballot.

How many ballots may I deliver to my polling place?

Only you, the voter, can bring your ballot to your polling place on Election Day.

May I vote in person at my polling location?

Yes, but only by paper provisional ballot. If you have a disability that prevents you from voting on a paper ballot, you will be provided access to an accessible voting device. Also, a voter may drop off their Vote-by-Mail ballot at their polling place. The Nov. 3, 2020 General Election is being conducted primarily by Vote-by-Mail. If you haven’t received your Vote-by-Mail ballot, please contact your county clerk’s office.

What is a provisional ballot?

Provisional ballots prevent somebody from voting twice. At the polling place, a voter fills out an Affirmation Statement that this is the only ballot they are casting, which goes along with the ballot. This form is what is used to investigate the eligibility of the voter. Provisional ballots are the last ballots counted, so that the Election Board can count all Vote-by-Mail ballots and be sure a dishonest person did not drop off their ballot at a post office and then vote again in person. If the voter did not return a ballot via mail, their provisional ballot is accepted.

If I vote in person, must I wear a mask?

Yes, and social distancing rules apply.

Is there early voting in New Jersey?

No, but voters will be able to return their Vote-by-Mail ballots early to a secure ballot drop box, by mail, or in person to their county Board of Elections office.

Are ballots subject to signature matching? Can I prove that's my signature?

Yes, if your Vote-by-Mail ballot or provisional ballot was missing your signature, or the county Board of Elections has determined that your signature does not match the signature in your voting record, your county Board of Elections will provide you an opportunity to certify that you did, in fact, cast that ballot.

When does the Board of Elections start verifying the ballot signatures?

The county Boards of Elections shall meet at least four days per week starting Oct. 13, 2020, to begin verifying the signatures on the Vote-by-Mail ballots. Voters whose ballots are rejected for a missing or a mismatching signature will be contacted and given the opportunity to fix the problem.

How can I be a poll worker on Election Day?

Submit an application to be a poll worker for the Nov. 3 General Election. Citizens of all ages, including college and high school students, are encouraged to apply. Training is required and will be provided.

CODE-U Messaging Archive

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has created a cutting-edge program called CODE-U (Committee on Digital Empowerment — Union) to provide coordinated messaging for affiliates to use on their social media networks. The concept is simple: We provide sample messages for use by affiliates, everyone follows a simple weekly schedule, and together we create a massive online political education echo chamber.

Here’s the schedule for you to send CODE-U Messaging to your members:
Monday — eMail
Tuesday — Text
Wednesday — Website content
Thursday — Tweet
Friday — Facebook

Here are packages of CODE-U Messaging

Stay Informed, Stay In Touch

Text NJLABOR to 235246 to receive text updates about the 2020 Primary Election and General Election.

Message and data rates may apply.

Email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and your name and email address in the message area to get updates by mail.

About COPE

Every year, the affiliated unions of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO vote on which election candidates to endorse based on their voting records and stances on working family issues. Our state federation has a proud history of endorsing both Democratic and Republican candidates who support working families and the core values of the Labor Movement.

Working in partnership with the AFL-CIO Political Department, New Jersey’s Central Labor Councils, Building Trades Councils and affiliated local unions, our COPE program coordinates a statewide effort to educate union members about our endorsements and the benefits of voting for candidates who will put working families first.

COPE also manages the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates Program. Launched in 1997, the Labor Candidates Program recruits, trains and mentors union members running for public office. To date, the program has guided 1,091 election victories for union members. Our Labor Candidates hold offices at nearly every level of state, county and local government — from state Senate and Assembly to County Freeholder and School Board.